Monday 8 April 2024

I will be taking a break

Self explanatory.

I have no idea how long it will be, but for the foreseeable future, no posts. Thank you for reading my posts until now, bless you, stay safe.

Trolley-wired electric buses on roads || Extended-range battery bus

Extended-range battery bus: A mostly battery bus with a small diesel engine that will kick in when the battery is low

Or trolleywires on corridors, like Streatham High Road, for buses to operate like trolleybuses. Then when off the corridor, they operate as battery buses.

Why I bring them up?

Power losses.

So let's explore.

The Art of Car War

I am modern transport scientist incarnate of Sun Tzu who bestowed upon us his The Art of War which saw little use by outsiders until the leading up to the Great War, and I shall bestow upon you the knowledge 

2024 postscript; you have over £6000 you can spend. Which would you go for?

Sunday 7 April 2024

Local routes - more or less?

The less philosophy seems to have won by TfL; the 346 and 497 have been fused into one Harold Hill-Upminster route - the 346 serving locally from Upminster to Upminster Park Estate with minimal stand time. Likewise the 497 used to serve Harold Hill to Harold Wood with only up to 2 minutes of relief time at the Elizabeth Line station bus stop.

R6, as part of the recent Orpington bus consultation whose report has been concluded, suggests R6 may still be on the cutting line for withdrawal, with the other changes to routes R1/R2/R3 not happening as initially planned.

Is our traditional "circular" services, up to 60 minutes of round-trip time, a failed model?
Could we do with more?
Could we do with less, such as the withdrawal of 497 and R6?

Should the 291 be changed?

Let's explore.

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Saturday 6 April 2024

100% serviced buses

Diversions due to badly parked cars are common in the network.

Permanent reroutings due to parking issues have been done now and then.

Even a bus could be the cause of diversion...

Friday 5 April 2024

Frequency/route trials - why we should do more

I did cover trials in a post, regarding technology Quirks Trials and Improvements.
Therefore I will not be covering those. I'll also stay away from trials to do with drivetrains (hybrids/hydrogen/electric).

Bakerloop bus service from Elephant & Castle to Lewisham - brings forth the Bakerloo Line extension in the flesh early but in bus form. Standard practice in France and Germany with metro extensions.


Evening frequency balance

Recently the 97 was upped in evening frequency from every 12-20 ranging between early evening and late evening; to a blanket every 12 frequency until the last bus. I had a long hard think about 63/363.